The one “Bill Cosby question” that should never be asked…

Perhaps I should be angry at Bill Cosby.  Yet, I am not.  If anything, I feel deeply saddened by this entire ordeal.  It almost seems like I’ve (possibly) learned a very dark secret about my favorite uncle.  However, I am not ready to join the mob and shout, “Off with his heCosbyad,” either.  I am not ready to boycott the shows he created primarily because of the other former cast members who depend on that income.  Honestly, I am in quite a conundrum, because I am also not willing to dismiss what these women are saying.

The 30+ women who have come forward have polarized many longtime Cosby fans.  As result, some people, in an effort to defend Bill Cosby, have been asking a very disturbing question with hopes of proving his innocence.  I understand some individual’s desire to support him, a big part of me wants to as well, but this one question that is often asked is slap in the face to rape victims everywhere.

Tune in to “One Chick Army” Thursday, 1/1/15 (the New Year!) to find out what that question is and why it does more harm to Bill Cosby and the alleged victims than good.

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Cyber Thuggin’ – The Five Most Common Trolls

Hello there my Freethinking Comrades!  This is the first official post for “One Chick Army” and I feel so happy to share it with you!  So let’s get into this.

We’ve all been there.  We post a comment on Twitter, Facebook or on a blog or decide to share a video showcasing how awesome we are and then…it happens.  Some random, anonymous person (b.k.a. a troll) comes out of nowhere and assigns the most insulting adjectives to you, that you feel like you’ve just been hit by an 18 wheeler.

I have had my fair share of debates in the virtual world and have run into all sorts of Internet Trolls.  Over the years, I’ve noticed a pattern. Outside of them being huge cowards, most of them are one trick ponies and often fall into one specific category.

The first episode of “One Chick Army” exposes the 5 most common type of trolls, how to spot them and how to deal with them.  Because, calling a hit man is not always the best option.  Give it a watch and then share your experiences dealing with a disgusting troll and how you handled them.