Seriously, Why is Wearing the Same Outfit Twice (or Thrice) in a Row a Bad Thing?

Yesterday I found myself pulled in a heated debate about clothes. I chose to wear the same outfit that I wore on Saturday for Sunday because, well, I liked it and giving my incredibly busy schedule, it was the one thing I did not have to think about. The outfit was clean and appropriate for the occasion, yet I was told that it was not cool to wear the same clothes consecutively.

This person and I found middle ground on the issue, probably with both of us still in our shit about it but it really got me to thinking – what is so wrong with wearing the same outfit two or three days in a row if it is clean and you don’t see the same people?

When I asked this question, the only answer I got was,”It is not cool,” later followed up with because I was too beautiful to do so. Both answers seemed very ambiguous and I honestly think it had more to do with fear of how I would be perceived by others.

American culture is one of the most superficial. Celebrities make headlines if they wear the same outfit twice, an analytical article is written about the state of their mental health if it is more times than that.

The rules I grew up with was as long as the same people didn’t see the outfit and it was clean, it was okay to wear it a consecutive day. However, why is that rule? What does it mean if a person chooses to wear the same outfit every single day as long as it is clean?

I know, some of y’all are probably giving me major side-eye, but hear me out. Of course, there are some, a lot of women who love clothes and fashion. It is basically a religion, so wearing the same outfit more than once could probably be considered blasphemy. However, what about the rest of us? Folks like me who are putting 60+ hours a week and barely have time to sleep. Is it so bad if I choose to wear the same outfit more than once in a short period of time?

What does it mean? I’ll tell you what it means…nothing. Absolutely nothing. Only that, that is what I wanted to do. If any assumptions, beliefs or judgements are formed about me because of this very common practice, that says more about the person doing the judging than it does about me.

However, in the moment, it doesn’t feel that way. Y’all know it goes. We can give these speeches all day about why other people’s opinions don’t matter…except, they do. At least initially, otherwise, there wouldn’t be a speech necessary to give. And I think that’s how I felt in that moment when I was “scolded” for choosing to wear the same outfit a second (and possibly a third) time in a row. I felt the need to give the “Your opinion does not matter,” speech.

Later, this person did apologize. I’m sure how they see the world and their customs are just as fundamental as my commitment to challenge them. It is not easy choosing to be a free agent in this life. It seems that people are often pulling at me to define myself by their standards. I am not innocent of this.

As my grandmother once said, “I am consistently inconsistent.” We are all paradoxical at heart and more than that, we are human. We have all customs, attitudes and beliefs drilled into us from the very moment we take our first breath.

So even though I was extremely triggered yesterday by this very trivial, yet very much needed incident, it actually provided an opportunity for me to look at certain beliefs and customs I have and ask myself, “Is this belief or value truly serving me? Or do I just practice it because I was told I was supposed to and fear the social stigmatization if I don’t?”

So what are your thoughts on this? Do you think it is “low class” to wear the same outfit two or three days in a row?

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