One Chick Army – Why It Left…Why It’s Coming Back!

Hey there my Free thinking Comrades! I know! I know!  It’s been a while.  And I bet you are wondering what exactly happened with the “One Chick Army” show (at least I hope you are wondering). Honestly, it wasn’t just one thing.  In the last year, my job has become much more demanding and I had to seriously re-evaluate the direction I wanted to go with my life, my career and this show.  In addition, I was not prepared for the popularity or the outpouring support that “One Chick Army” was going to receive.  It has been a fun journey, but I found myself trying to “keep up with the Joneses” instead of doing the show the way I really wanted to do it. So I had to revamp.

I have recently made some major decisions in my life that I will be announcing soon but first I want you to know that “One Chick Army” is back with a slightly different angle.  I really enjoy commentary, however, my passion lies in performance and I wanted to find a way to combine the two.

I am an actress, filmmaker, writer, director, and avid pickle-juice drinker who wanted to combine all of my talents for this show.   Thankfully, I figured out a way to do that.  Some of my hard-core fans remember the short-lived show I produced called, “The People Inside My Head.”  It was a show where I combined performance, spoken word and commentary and it started to catch on.

Unfortunately,  coming up with concepts every week, committing them to memory and then performing them became very grueling and time-consuming.  I needed to find another way.  After my Kickstarter campaign for the web series, “The Confession of a Witch Bitch” failed to meet its goal, I knew I needed to revisit growing my audience in a way that worked with my schedule and was able to show my talents and “One Chick Army” was born.  This show really seemed to connect with people more than anything else I’ve done outside of “Tricks.” but once again, as previously mentioned, life and work got in the way.

So I knew I had to think of strategy that would A) Work with my schedule and B) Allow me to show what I could do while staying connected to my supporters.  So the new “One Chick Army” was born and will be debuting soon.  It is a fusion of “mono-rhymes” (spoken word combined with monologues) and commentary.  The new version will be offered in seasons and if you still want more “One Chick Army”, the blog will offer additional content on pop culture, my life, entrepreneurship, emotional literacy and relationships. So be sure to sign up!

I want to thank everyone for supporting me.  “One Chick Army” is only the beginning.  See you soon!

Over and out!

– DeAara