“We are living in a time where freedom of speech is being defined by the masses’ level of comfort. This comfort is trumping individuality and little innovation can come from that. Courage is daring to ask the questions that others are too afraid to ask.  It is speaking up, even when it is not always the popular thought. ” – DeAara Lewis a.k.a. One Chick Army

A native of Memphis, TN where talent can be found from church pew to street corner and everywhere in between, Lewis began developing her talents early. As her love for acting and storytelling grew, she reached out to Oprah Winfrey seeking advice. To Lewis’ surprise and delight, Winfrey wrote her back and advised her to stay in school, go to college and learn as much as she could. That advice, coupled with an article Lewis read titled, “Hollywood Blackout”, exposing the dismal reality of the lack of work and representation for people of color and women in the industry, sparked her deep determination to develop and portray the diverse, powerhouse roles that she had grown to love.

She was also inspired by the likes of Paul Robeson, Oprah Winfrey, Russell Simmons, Jada Pinkett, Bono, Kanye West and others who use(d) their talents in multifaceted ways, even when it went against the grain, to help inspire change.

To learn more about DeAara Lewis, visit www.deaaralewis.com.

deaara [dot] lewis [at] gmail.com

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