Viola Davis Emmy Win: Why It is So Much Bigger Than Her…

Watching Viola Davis take home the Emmy for best lead actress in a drama series for “How to Get Away with Murder” was divine intervention.  My Sunday did not start off so well. I received news that my grandfather is in critical condition in the hospital and on top of that, I have been stressed out about money, work and money (did I already write money?).  Today, all I kept thinking was, “How did I get here? This was not the plan.”  However, listening to Davis’ gracious and unapologetic speech was a serious adrenaline rush and a reminder of why I was doing all of this.

Since I first stepped on stage at five years old, there were two things I knew I wanted to do more than anything – write and perform. From competing and winning state championships to performing in regional plays, acting is something I’ve always enjoyed.  However, something happened along the way.  As I got older, I noticed that most of the actresses I was inspired by did not look like me.  As a child, of course, this did not matter.  I thought watching Emma Thompson in “Sense and Sensibility”, Barbara Streisand in “The Way We Were”, Meryl Streep in “Kramer vs. Kramer” or Diane Keaton in “The Godfather II” and saying, “I can do that,” meant that it was a done deal.

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“Ethnic” Casting Too Much of a Good Thing? What the f%ck does that mean?

Looks like another reporter is about to feel the wrath of Shonda Rhimes and her own army of fans.  Deadline published an article yesterday entitled, “Pilots 2015: The Year Of Ethnic Castings – About Time Or Too Much Of Good Thing?” which inspired Shonda Rhimes to post the cryptic tweet:


I pride myself on looking at issues from multiple perspectives, but I have to roll with Shonda on this one, if for no other reason that this delusional part of the article:

“Instead of opening the field for actors of any race to compete for any role in a color-blind manner, there has been a significant number of parts designated as ethnic this year, making them off-limits for Caucasian actors, some agents signal.”  – Deadline

Wait?!  What? Some “White” actors feelings are hurt because they are being demoted to equality?  How many times do you think an actor of color was turned down for not having the right skin color?  Yes, the tide is shifting, and it may become extreme for a little while, although I doubt it.  It may just trend, I certainly hope not, but if it is, I encourage all actors of color, myself included, to ride this train out and IF it does end, have enough connections and resources to create your own.  Read the entire Deadline article here.

Do you think “ethnic” casting is too much of a good thing? Share your thoughts below.