A History of Riots: It Ain’t Just Black Folks (Baltimore Riots)…

scroll-video-2Okay, so I know I said I was done talking about “race” and I meant it…until I saw the news coverage of the Baltimore, Maryland riots.  Did y’all catch some of the biased reporting that was going on?  The words “criminals” and “thugs” rolled off of some people’s tongue so easy you would have thought it was a song.

I was watching and reading a lot of these comments thinking, “The people of Baltimore are not the first to riot.”   Furthermore, all rioters were not people of color, hell, most of them were not.  So why is it that “black” people seemed to condemned for it the most?  Hit play below to watch the video and share your thoughts.

F*ck Your Childhood! Why I Have No Remorse for Bullies and Perpetrators…

scroll-video-2I don’t know if it just coincidence or intentional, but a string of videos showing teenagers attacking innocent bystanders have been floating around on Facebook lately.  The one that really pulled at heartstrings and even my trigger finger was the one with the three boys jumping one girl over a cellphone and then started bragging about it.

I felt a rage I have not felt in a very long time and it brought up so much: Memories from my own childhood, sadness for the youth who have to go through school with the possibility that normal adolescent experiences may become viral videos, abnormal adolescent experiences like being jumped by three boys.  I felt confused and angry.  I have a huge amount of compassion for misguided youth, but what about those that fall in the other lane…the sociopathic lane.? The lane where they terrorize and victimize others without an ounce of remorse?  The lane where they are put in diversion programs, but still come out and continue the same behavior?  The latter is tougher for me to extend my compassion.

And then there are the adults, who because of some unfortunate circumstances in their own childhoods grew up to be perpetrators/bullies.  At what point is there true accountability when chance after chance after chance has been given?  I realize that this is a sensitive subject to some, but where I am right now is FUCK YOUR CHILDHOOD if you choose to intentionally and consistently harm others with no regard for life.  This is not what I signed up for.  Hit play to watch the video below and share your thoughts.

5 Top Rap Songs No Woman Should Like…But We Do…

scroll-video-2We’ve all been there. You hear a hot song on the radio, blast it, sing it and then one day, you realize the lyrics are completely disrespectful or reckless. You still want to like the song, but you don’t want to be seen as not down for the cause. I can’t tell you what to do get your self-respect back, but I hope you find comfort in knowing that you are NOT alone!

Hope you dug the video. If you haven’t watched it yet, check it out above. And as promised, below is my EXTENDED LIST of rap songs that I probably really shouldn’t like.

6. Tupac “I Get Around” – I reeaaallly like this song! I knew all the lyrics within a day of first hearing it and whenever I hear it on the radio or when I am out somewhere, I still rap it as proudly as I did then. Since I was a kid when it first came out, I didn’t pay the lyrics much attention, but after I grew up and experienced a few heartbreaks, I realized the lyrics are actually a warning about what dudes can and often do. The song is actually really fucking insensitive, but I am spitting the lyrics as I type this post. Oh, the hypocrisy!

7. N.W.A. “She Swallowed It” – It’s the world’s biggest dick, don’t matter just don’t bite it! Alex can I get “Pure Misogyny for $500”? I was in the 6th grade when I first heard this song. One of my classmates snuck a radio in recess and played it for the rest of us. I had never heard music that explicit before (I was a sheltered child) and to hear a woman actually performing fellatio on a song (you can’t tell me it wasn’t real!) really intrigued me. And after hearing “Aunt Esther” talking about the size of dicks, I never watched “Sanford and Son” the same.

8. T.I./Young Thug “If it Ain’t About the Money” – I think I can give T.I. a run for his money on rapping this song. Most of 88 million plays on Youtube probably came from me, that’s how much I dig it. I am not a huge Young Thug fan, but he is a beast on this hook. Since I am still green in trap music, I had to look up the lyrics to see what the hell Young Thug was talking about and was quite shocked at how much of a story he was telling with few words. I wonder how those other cats figured that damn song out.

9. Nicki Minaj “Lookin’ Ass Nigga” – I don’t even think I hate that I like this song. I just like it. I like how it comes on, what she is saying, how she is saying it and even the controversy that it caused. The only thing I really understood some people having a problem with was her choice of putting Malcolm X on the cover of the record. I always thought it would have been more powerful had she imitated the photo of Malcolm X looking out the window with a gun. Nicki, I hope you can consider that or else I am going to take the idea 😉

10. Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne “Truffle Butter” – Just look up what truffle butter really is, it would probably be tough to listen to this song without blushing or becoming absolutely grossed out.

11. Lil Wayne “Gonorrhea” – I first heard this song on Pandora while at the gym and got completely lost in it. Does it need any further explanation?  I like how Lil Wayne used the word in this song to remind folks how toxic people are really a lot like STD’s – contagious if you aren’t careful.

12. Jay Z “Big Pimpin” – I mean, he pretty much tells you what his intentions are in the song. He will fuck, then leave. I guess it took a Bad B, like Bey to tame that beast inside.

13. Project Pat “Gorilla Pimp” – Folks who are not from the south may not know this one, but it was a big regional hit back in the day. The bluesy hook makes the song and if you aren’t careful, you will find yourself in the same situation I did, rapping some lyrics talking about getting beat up at the job for talking shit to a “pimp.” So now when that part comes on, I just skip over it…most of the time.

14. Three Six Mafia “Late Night Tip” – Another old-school southern favorite. The Academy Award Winners sampled Lisa Fischer’s soulful, “How Can I Ease the Pain” and you find can yourself quickly drawn to the staccato chant, “I’m not the type to get involved in long relationships; taking trips and buying gifts, I’m sorry I’m not on that tip.” It’s a pretty low down song if you really listen it. However, once again, at least they are upfront about their intentions.

15. Future, Pharrell Williams, Pusha T “Move That Dope” – This track is just fucking bumpin. Pharrell has been at the top of his production game for the past few years, even with the setbacks. And he really shows his versatility of being able to go from universal feel-good “Happy” to hood nod, “Move That Dope.” It’s still a quite disturbing song lyrically, but maybe I can make “dope”  mean something else metaphorically. Hey singers lie about the meaning of their songs all the time.

What rap songs do you hate that you like? Leave a comment in the comment section below!

The Whitewashing of Hip Hop? Was Azealia Banks right?

I think it is safe to say that Azaelia Banks is not a fan of Iggy Azalea. But are claims of Iggy appropriating black culture true or is Azaelia Banks just having one national temper tantrum?  Hit play below to see what this chick thinks about it and post what you think about it below.

The “Bill Cosby Question” That Insults Rape Victims Everywhere…

It is a question paved in good intentions but often ends up doing more harm than good.  I think this question needs to be retired, unless it is pivotal in proving someone’s innocence.  Otherwise it is just a slap in the face to any person whether male or female, who has ever been sexually victimized.

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The one “Bill Cosby question” that should never be asked…

Perhaps I should be angry at Bill Cosby.  Yet, I am not.  If anything, I feel deeply saddened by this entire ordeal.  It almost seems like I’ve (possibly) learned a very dark secret about my favorite uncle.  However, I am not ready to join the mob and shout, “Off with his heCosbyad,” either.  I am not ready to boycott the shows he created primarily because of the other former cast members who depend on that income.  Honestly, I am in quite a conundrum, because I am also not willing to dismiss what these women are saying.

The 30+ women who have come forward have polarized many longtime Cosby fans.  As result, some people, in an effort to defend Bill Cosby, have been asking a very disturbing question with hopes of proving his innocence.  I understand some individual’s desire to support him, a big part of me wants to as well, but this one question that is often asked is slap in the face to rape victims everywhere.

Tune in to “One Chick Army” Thursday, 1/1/15 (the New Year!) to find out what that question is and why it does more harm to Bill Cosby and the alleged victims than good.

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