The Police vs. Beyoncé and the Black Panther Party

Beyoncé has seldom taken a public stance about her political positions.  That all changed the day before the Superbowl 50 with the surprise release of “Formation.”  The “black” pride song took the internet by storm and that was only the beginning.  The next day, a very defiant Beyoncé “slayed” in a Black Panther themed half-time show and rocked it along with Coldplay and Bruno Mars, respectively.

For some reason, that I have yet to figure out, many police officers are so vain, they actually believed “Formation” was about them.  So much so, Police Association meetings were held across the country to decide if they would boycott staffing her concerts.  There is unfortunately, many misconceptions about the original Black Panther Party.  Watch the video below as I attempt to clear up at least some of the worst conceptions about the legendary party who helped many people of color find the courage to face hatred.




A History of Riots: It Ain’t Just Black Folks (Baltimore Riots)…

scroll-video-2Okay, so I know I said I was done talking about “race” and I meant it…until I saw the news coverage of the Baltimore, Maryland riots.  Did y’all catch some of the biased reporting that was going on?  The words “criminals” and “thugs” rolled off of some people’s tongue so easy you would have thought it was a song.

I was watching and reading a lot of these comments thinking, “The people of Baltimore are not the first to riot.”   Furthermore, all rioters were not people of color, hell, most of them were not.  So why is it that “black” people seemed to condemned for it the most?  Hit play below to watch the video and share your thoughts.

Kendrick Lamar’s Fiance’ is Light-Skinned. SO WHAT?!

scroll-video-2It was the Facebook post seen around the world. Activist Rashida Strober publicly slammed Kendrick Lamar for dating and getting engaged to a light-skinned woman, Whitney Alford, and this set off a firestorm of controversy. Most of the controversy has not been in Ms. Strober’s favor, it got so bad that she has received death threats. The controversy has also opened old wounds for many “light-skinned” women who struggled just as much as their dark-skinned sisters for a place of acceptance. Be sure to also check out part II of this post, “Light Skin vs. Dark Skin? What About Me? (A “Peanut Butter” Chick’s Story).

Hit play below to watch the video.


Are “Black” Women the LEAST Desired in Online Dating? OKCupid Thinks So…

Every year it seems that some set of statistics come out with the unconscious intention of crushing “black” women’s confidence. The stats from Online Dating Site “OK Cupid” seems to be the ring leader this time around.
Okay, so I know that OKCupid is not responsible for their customer’s personal preferences, but I have a serious problem with the skewed, absolute way the information is presented.

On the wrong day, a woman can read those stats and interpret them in a very unhealthy way, I know, I was once one of those women. So after a lot of soul searching, I got busy and did some research of my own.
What I found was very interesting and proved that stats, like most other things in life, should be taken with a grain of salt.

Hit play below to watch as I break down what these numbers REALLY mean!

Women, Stop Letting Your Boyfriend Beat Your Children!

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What do Dominique Smith, Jillian Tate, and Chante’ Hays have in common? They were all young women who fell in love, trusted in love and sold-out for love. The sacrifice? Their children. Each woman moved a man into her home.  He was quickly promoted to “Daddy” but the dream didn’t last long.  

The bruises started to appear. The burns.  She noticed the marks, but chose to ignore them because if she confronted him, she feared being abandoned and alone.  Soon after, she rationalized the abuse, lied to herself until she could no longer lie anymore – because her child is now dead; beat to death by the man whom she thought she could trust, whose love she so desperately craved.

Perhaps she feared for her own life. There are more questions than answers, but what is evident is that this is a gross epidemic. If you google “boyfriend kills baby”, you will find an overwhelming amount of cases. Why is this so common and who is really to blame? Is it the mother? That’s an easy target, but I am a firm believer that if something happens repeatedly, then there is something we are missing.

Is it generational trauma? Learned self-hatred? The fact that women grossly outnumber men so many women feel that they don’t have many options. Is it these men and women are only taught one form of love? Toxic.

Whatever the reasons are, children being abused and dying at the hands of mentally disturbed, jealous boyfriends has happened too many times (one time is actually one time too many), so I decided to vlog about it. Share it with someone you think could use it.


Empire & the “Black Stereotype” Myth (The Coon Hour) Part 2

Empire & the “Black Stereotype” Myth Part I

And part II is here!  In this episode of “One Chick Army”, I talk more about the word, “coon”. Not only is the hit TV show “Empire” accused of being stereotypical and portraying blacks as criminals, it also gets the “coon” label too. But what exactly is a coon?  More importantly, why is the word so often used against those who create controversial material or go against what “it means to be black”?

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Empire & the Myth of the “Black Stereotype” Pt. 1

Saying that the “Empire” TV show is stereotypical and coonery is an easy accusation to make and has a host of supporters.  I see why, the show has all of the elements and representations of which many people of color try to distance themselves.  But are these accusations true or are they just myths?

Labeling “Empire” stereotypical removes the need of accountability by throwing a veil over the problems and obstacles that truly affect many people of color. It puts “black” artists in an unattainable position of needing to be perfect while shaming them for being human and flawed. Hit play below to watch and then check out Part II of my Empire rant here.