Bust it wide open? Why Do You Want to Kill My Vagina?!

Stand up in it. Beat it up.  Bust it wide open. Ouch! These are some of the sayings that  represent sexually pleasing a woman. But do these sayings do more harm than good?

Not respecting a woman’s boundaries during sex is another type of sexual violation that does not receive enough media attention. And not only do many men believe it is okay, so do many women.

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The “Bill Cosby Question” That Insults Rape Victims Everywhere…

It is a question paved in good intentions but often ends up doing more harm than good.  I think this question needs to be retired, unless it is pivotal in proving someone’s innocence.  Otherwise it is just a slap in the face to any person whether male or female, who has ever been sexually victimized.

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The one “Bill Cosby question” that should never be asked…

Perhaps I should be angry at Bill Cosby.  Yet, I am not.  If anything, I feel deeply saddened by this entire ordeal.  It almost seems like I’ve (possibly) learned a very dark secret about my favorite uncle.  However, I am not ready to join the mob and shout, “Off with his heCosbyad,” either.  I am not ready to boycott the shows he created primarily because of the other former cast members who depend on that income.  Honestly, I am in quite a conundrum, because I am also not willing to dismiss what these women are saying.

The 30+ women who have come forward have polarized many longtime Cosby fans.  As result, some people, in an effort to defend Bill Cosby, have been asking a very disturbing question with hopes of proving his innocence.  I understand some individual’s desire to support him, a big part of me wants to as well, but this one question that is often asked is slap in the face to rape victims everywhere.

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