F*ck Your Childhood! Why I Have No Remorse for Bullies and Perpetrators…

scroll-video-2I don’t know if it just coincidence or intentional, but a string of videos showing teenagers attacking innocent bystanders have been floating around on Facebook lately.  The one that really pulled at heartstrings and even my trigger finger was the one with the three boys jumping one girl over a cellphone and then started bragging about it.

I felt a rage I have not felt in a very long time and it brought up so much: Memories from my own childhood, sadness for the youth who have to go through school with the possibility that normal adolescent experiences may become viral videos, abnormal adolescent experiences like being jumped by three boys.  I felt confused and angry.  I have a huge amount of compassion for misguided youth, but what about those that fall in the other lane…the sociopathic lane.? The lane where they terrorize and victimize others without an ounce of remorse?  The lane where they are put in diversion programs, but still come out and continue the same behavior?  The latter is tougher for me to extend my compassion.

And then there are the adults, who because of some unfortunate circumstances in their own childhoods grew up to be perpetrators/bullies.  At what point is there true accountability when chance after chance after chance has been given?  I realize that this is a sensitive subject to some, but where I am right now is FUCK YOUR CHILDHOOD if you choose to intentionally and consistently harm others with no regard for life.  This is not what I signed up for.  Hit play to watch the video below and share your thoughts.

Why Do Bad People Always Win? (And Get All the Friends?)

You ever knew someone who was a major bitch or asshole to the point you wonder did they directly come from Satan? However, it seems that everyone else can’t get enough of being around them and no matter how they treat others (you in particular), they seem to always get what they want.

A teenage girl emailed me and asked, “Why do bad people always seem to win?” This brought up so many memories from my childhood and not too distant past. I had to reprogram my mind on this issue because of the huge amount of suffering it brought on and where I arrived at really helped me better interpret “bad people always winning”.

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