Empire & the “Black Stereotype” Myth (The Coon Hour) Part 2

Empire & the “Black Stereotype” Myth Part I

And part II is here!  In this episode of “One Chick Army”, I talk more about the word, “coon”. Not only is the hit TV show “Empire” accused of being stereotypical and portraying blacks as criminals, it also gets the “coon” label too. But what exactly is a coon?  More importantly, why is the word so often used against those who create controversial material or go against what “it means to be black”?

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Empire & the Myth of the “Black Stereotype” Pt. 1

Saying that the “Empire” TV show is stereotypical and coonery is an easy accusation to make and has a host of supporters.  I see why, the show has all of the elements and representations of which many people of color try to distance themselves.  But are these accusations true or are they just myths?

Labeling “Empire” stereotypical removes the need of accountability by throwing a veil over the problems and obstacles that truly affect many people of color. It puts “black” artists in an unattainable position of needing to be perfect while shaming them for being human and flawed. Hit play below to watch and then check out Part II of my Empire rant here.