Kendrick Lamar’s Fiance’ is Light-Skinned. SO WHAT?!

scroll-video-2It was the Facebook post seen around the world. Activist Rashida Strober publicly slammed Kendrick Lamar for dating and getting engaged to a light-skinned woman, Whitney Alford, and this set off a firestorm of controversy. Most of the controversy has not been in Ms. Strober’s favor, it got so bad that she has received death threats. The controversy has also opened old wounds for many “light-skinned” women who struggled just as much as their dark-skinned sisters for a place of acceptance. Be sure to also check out part II of this post, “Light Skin vs. Dark Skin? What About Me? (A “Peanut Butter” Chick’s Story).

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The Whitewashing of Hip Hop? Was Azealia Banks right?

I think it is safe to say that Azaelia Banks is not a fan of Iggy Azalea. But are claims of Iggy appropriating black culture true or is Azaelia Banks just having one national temper tantrum?  Hit play below to see what this chick thinks about it and post what you think about it below.