Cops Throw an Unarmed Teenage Girl to the Ground Like a Rag Doll…Are We Tired Yet?

I was on an epic high tonight.  The scene I had been waiting on finally came to fruition on “Game of Thrones.” As I watched Daenerys/Khaleesi fly away on Drogon, all I could remember thinking (between screams) was this moment, this night could not get any better.  I was even on a writing high.  I quickly pulled out my pen and paper and begin to outline the story for an upcoming podcast.

Why did I decide to go back on Facebook just one last time?  Perhaps it was fate.  Perhaps I was meant to see yet another police officer treating a “black” teenager like they were inferior after responding to a call about a fight at a pool party.

By the looks of it, it was a diverse, middle class neighborhood where the incident took place.  The seven minute plus long video starts off with a cop doing a ground roll as if he is dodging grenades.  His threat – a group of unarmed, soaking wet, confused teenagers.

Did it seem like the cop was extra-aggressive with the “black” teenagers? Yes it did.  And what broke my heart the most was seeing this trigger-ready “white” cop sling a young teenage girl around like she was a rag doll and then rest his knee in the small of her back to restrain her because she mouthed off to him – like angry, afraid teenagers will do. And as result of the cops grossly inappropriate behavior, he receives a suspension.  Had that incident been the other way around, with that girl attacking the cop like that, she would have received death.

So what happens next?  Shares? Press? interviews? Al Sharpton? Protests? Hashtags?  Not implying that these tools don’t work, social media has proven it can help take down empires (i.e. Hosni Mubarack of Egypt), but we on social media also have severe ADD.  We tend to only get and stay hyped about, well, what’s hot right now.  So what happens after the officer is allowed back on the force?  Will we just continue to protest and hashtag?

This is not a cynical question as much as it is a frustrated one.  Where is the protection from corrupt cops?  Or have all of the dystopian shows that have been trending for the last few years serving as a prelude?  Are we in the dawn of days?  I am not talking about some religious mumbo jumbo, but has humanity reached its climax of brutality and indifference?  Is the only way this world (and the many worlds in it) can be saved is if we start over?

And if that is too grim of a thought for some, is the result to continue to do what that which the powers-that-be have already accounted – get angry, protest, get high and then go back to our comfortable lives?  Seeing a young woman slung around like a twig for yelling that she wants her mother is too much for me.  And protesting doesn’t seem to be enough.  Maybe we need a Khaleesi and her dragons so we can “break the wheel” of this toxic ass construct.


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